First XI Released on 21st March 2004




1. Million
2. (When The Note Of The) Engine (Changes)
3. (Chatterbox)
4. House Rules (Only)
5. (Put Up a) Whytte Flagge
6. Coconut Song (The)
7. Shock (To The System)
8. (Someday) Soon
9. Burn Bright (Burn Long)
10. (We'll Cross) That Bridge (When We Come To It)
11. Spellbound (Baby)

Once there was Porvari! And Porvari! were a spoof band recording great songs of dubious quality on a Portastudio in a lounge. To make it "real" Porvari! added a crowd and called it a live album.This was 1st XI released as a limited CD run on 21st March 2004.

Subsequently the exclamation mark was dropped and the Porvari we know today was born. Although First XI is no longer available, most of the songs have since been re-recorded.

All songs written by Sam Whimpenny and arranged by Porvari except for Spellbound (Baby) by Simon Meader

Porvari! were: Sam Whimpenny: guitar, bass, vocals, and percussion
Simon Meader: acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, harmonica, percussion
B.L. Underwood: Post production.

Artwork by Simon Meader




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