Good To See You Again Released on 1st May 2014





1. Slippery Slope
2. Good To See You Again
3. Stephanie Rocks
4. Questions Breath
5. Getta Career
6. Queues, Lists and Ladders
7. The Resigning Pope
8. No Safety Valve
9. Stand Or Stray
10. Genius Is Next To Insanity

Released on 1st May 2014 Good To See You Again is the latest album of Porvari originals with all Songs written by Sam Whimpenny between 1976—2013 except for Stephanie Rocks written by Sam Whimpenny/Simon Meader
Arrangements by Porvari
Published by Barbarous Music © 2014

Porvari are:
Sam Whimpenny — Vocals, Guitars, Basses, Drums
Simon Meader — Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Grotesque Guitar solo on 'Genius Is Next To Insanity'
B.L. Underwood — Production, Bruzonix & Epic Guitar on 'No Safety Valve'

Recorded At Herb's Studio

Artwork & Photography by Simon Meader


All content copyright © Porvari 2014